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Application Services

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Our Method

Our methodologies, fine-tuned over decades of experience, are optimized based on your requirements, ressource availability, timeline, organization size and budget. We focus on YOUR business requirements to bring together a team of experts with outstanding skill, to help you to successfully manage your cost effectiveness, application of best practices and knowledge transfer to your resources. 

A Common Methodology Includes... 

  • Review business requirements and processes and best practices to create functional design documentation. This can include documentation of your current state and target solution.

  • Assist with change management activities performed by your organization as these are critical for new platform adoption and customer satisfaction.

  • Foundation training for all stakeholders so that everyone has a clear vision of software features and the target solution potential.

  • Design specifications to define business requirements to be applied to the software platform.

  • Administration training to empower your platform administrator while we configure that same platform for optimal knowledge transfer.

  • If on-premise, installation on your infrastructure.

  • Configuration of the documented processes and functionalities.

  • Assistance in testing the configured platform including test cases design, test users training and assistance during the test period(s) and adjustments.

  • Training for your back office users (train the trainer or direct training).

  • Deployment on your Production environment and assistance with Go-Live activities so as to ensure a smooth adoption process by all users.

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