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Clôture Provinciale and FMX Solutions: Case Study

Application Services

Jira Service Management

Introduction to Clôture Provinciale

Clôture Proviciale is a custom fence company in Québec City that was founded in 1988. The founders, Serge and Yves Bérubé identified that there was a large market in Quebec and Eastern Canada for ornamental and utilitarian fences. Over time, they grew their services and became a full-service shop that handled the project from conception to completion and every step in between. This included the manufacturing, installation, and repair of the products they sell. In 2004, they moved into a custom-built facility to continue expanding and to be able to take on more large-scale projects.

About JSM and JWM

Jira Service Management is an Enterprise Service Management solution that allows businesses to handle customer support, incident management, and IT service delivery effectively.

Jira Work Management focuses on project and task management, providing teams with the ability to plan, track and collaborate on projects and tasks. It offers customizable boards, project timelines and advanced reporting which enables teams to stay organized, prioritize work, and deliver projects on time.

When used together, JSM and JWM offer a powerful end-to-end solution for organizations. JSM can seamlessly integrate with JWM to create corresponding tasks or projects. This integration ensures that service requests are converted into actionable work items, allowing teams to track and manage them efficiently.


Clôture Provinciale was approached by an FMX Solutions employee after they had a fence installed in their home. This employee believed that the company could leverage Jira Service Management and Jira Work Management to improve and streamline their organization to help deal with the exponential growth they’ve been experiencing.

Clôture Provinciale had previously tracked all their projects on paper and recognized the need to modernize their processes. They were interested in how JWM and JSM could aid and improve communication both internally and externally and add visibility to their projects. Customers were expressing the desire for more proactive communications regarding their orders, including updates on progress, projected installation dates, and projected completion dates and to provide clients with an easy method to request repairs.


Clôture Provinciale chose Jira Service Management (JSM) and Jira Work Management (JWM)because of their capabilities as Enterprise Service Management tools. This choice was made upon the recommendation of FMX Solutions.

Jira Service Management was used because it could be customer-facing on their website. Through a JSM widget, the customer can easily request a quote for their custom fence project or put in a request for a repair. This quote request automatically generates a task in JSM which subsequently creates a corresponding card in Jira Work Management.

The Clôture Provinciale team works completely within Jira Work Management, utilizing separate project boards for each division of the enterprise. Jira Work Management was chosen because of the task management capabilities within the solution.

Upon receiving a quote or repair request, an initial card is placed in the Residential Sale, Commercial Sale or Repair board based on the client’s initial selection. These sales boards within JWM represent the sales pipeline. Once the sale is closed, it progresses to the Production board, which comprehensively outlines the entire fence manufacturing process, including site visits and measurements, fence post drilling, painting, and fabrication. When the manufacturing process is complete, the fence is scheduled for Installation using JWM’s Calendar view. Automated email updates are sent to the client at each step of the process and provide real-time progress updates, including a predicted end date for the fence installation.

When fence installation is completed, the project card moves into the Billing board, which is managed by the company’s accountants. The accountants also have access to a Dashboard within JWM that lists projects from the longest owing to the most recent, so they know which customers they need to contact.


  • Faster response rate to quote requests
  • Improved organization and visibility within the organization
  • Identify project bottlenecks within operations
  • Enhanced visibility into other divisions
  • Dashboards with easily accessible data for each division
  • Increased customer satisfaction because of automated communication at an increased frequency
  • Accurate completion dates provided to improve customer satisfaction