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Leveraging Asset Management to Improve Operational Efficiency and Visibility

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Leveraging Asset Management to Improve Operational Efficiency and Visibility

Introduction to Stingray

Stingray, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, is a leading global music, media, and technology company, that specializes in delivering a wide range of music, media, and entertainment experiences to audiences worldwide.


Stingray adopted Jira Service Management (JSM) to work along with Jira Software and noticed a great improvement in their operational efficiency. JSM allows Stingray to implement processes around Incident Management, Asset Management, Change Management and more. Last year, the organization completed a successful Cloud Migration with the help of FMX Solutions. 

Stingray was encountering a pressing need for an asset management tool within their JSM environment, to be completed in phases. Phase 1 would include company computers and mobile devices. Their asset information was fragmented across two monitoring and discovery tools, Intune and JAMF. This created information silos and consequently, field agents had challenges accessing the information, and were lacking essential visibility into the devices assigned to users and the devices that require support. In response to these complications, Stingray explored the implementation of an asset management solution in JSM with FMX Solutions to centralize and streamline their asset-related operations.

About Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management (JSM) is Atlassian’s service management solution for all teams. Jira Service Management is designed to help unlock high-velocity teams by empowering them to deliver great service fast. JSM brings visibility to work and accelerates the flow of work between development, IT, and business teams. (Atlassian. “A Brief Overview of Jira Service Management”)

About FMX Solutions

FMX Solutions specializes in identifying and implementing reliable IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management Solutions that provide tangible outcomes to your organization. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping businesses optimize their processes for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

FMX Solutions, prioritizes practicality and results, with ITSM best practices in mind. FMX Consultants are well-versed in industry standards and frameworks such as ITIL4. Partner with FMX for an approach to ESM and ITSM that drives real-world outcomes and long-term success.


In response to the challenges faced by Stingray, FMX Solutions built an integration to seamlessly integrate the data from JAMF and Intune into Jira Service Management’s Asset Management. FMX’s knowledge of monitoring and discovery tools and their knowledge of JSM gave them the ability to empower Stingray with the knowledge to pinpoint critical data sources and identify the most essential information. This knowledge-driven approach was instrumental in enabling Stingray to navigate and leverage ITSM best practices, optimizing their asset management processes for enhanced operational efficiency and future growth.

Phase one of this implementation included all employee computers and mobile devices, and phase two will include servers and other IT assets. Phase one was done so that the same theories and workflows could be used for all present and future IT assets. By harnessing JSM's asset management capabilities, Stingray and FMX Solutions were able to successfully consolidate all employee assets into a single repository, empowering Stingray’s Helpdesk staff with real-time access to critical device information when resolving issues. All devices with the same properties such as operating system, model, and manufacturer are also linked, which helps with problem management, and proactively identifies the possibility of incidents before they happen. 


  • Full visibility on all computers and mobile devices
  • Optimized operational workflows
  • Simplified customer support and customer-centric service experience
  • A strong groundwork was established that can be replicated for future Asset Management practices 
  • Operational efficiency has greatly improved
  • The process for asset creation and updates is streamlined
  • A dashboard was created that increased data visibility
  • The overall experience for Stingray’s agents has greatly improved and better facilitates their daily tasks and decision-making processes
  • With the adoption of ITSM best practices, Stingray strategically positioned themselves for future growth and success that aligns with their organizational goals


"We would like to express our appreciation to FMX Solutions for their exceptional service and support. Their expertise and commitment to our success have been excellent. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to achieving more projects in the future. Their solutions have not only addressed our immediate challenges but have also positioned us for future growth and success."-Philippe, Stingray