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Product Spotlight


Reservation Center

Automating and Optimizing Loaners from Reservation to Return

Automate your loaner process; increase efficiency and customer satisfaction while lowering costs.

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From Reservation to Return

How it Works

Users place reservation requests via the portal where they are prompted for start and end dates. They then select from the list of devices available during their reservation period. Submit and done!

Devices may have an infinite number of reservations. There is no intervention by staff needed until the customer arrives to pickup the device.

When the customer arrives for pickup, the tech finds the reservation in the app, asks the user to sign with their finger. Done!

It's super simple for all involved.


The Reservation

When a customer needs to make a reservation for a loaner device they simply log onto your customer portal and request to make a reservation, for example a laptop. Anything can be reserved. They enter pickup and return dates then select from the list of available devices. Submit.

Pickup & Return

A device is automatically reserved for the customer. On pickup day staff hands the device to the customer who signs with their finger on a tablet or phone (optional). The customer automatically recieves emails when they reserve, pickup and return a device. Reservation Center provides details on all loaner activity right on your device or computer.


EasyVista Service Apps is required.


Fast & Efficient

Process loaners with almost no effort. Track who has what and remind them to return.


See a Demo Today!

Experience the speed and efficiency of Reservation Center for yourself. Contact FMX Solutions today.

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