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Product Spotlight


ezApp for iPhone & Android

Scan barcodes like a boss! Empower your field personnel.

ezApp is an iOS and/or Android app intelligently designed to turn your smartphone or tablet into a mobile power house, including barcode scanning into EasyVista microApps and speed switching between microApps.

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ezApp Productivity Bundle

one app to manage them all...


  • ezApp for iOS or Android

  • 5-Feature Mobile Tech App (Asset Update,

  • Action Management, Dashboard, Log Incident, Log Request) annual subscription

  • Barcode Scan into EasyVista apps

  • Barcode Scan into 3rd Party Websites • 20 Licenses

  • Free Annual Subscription to New exApp Sites

  • Productivity microApps (as they become

  • available)

ezApp Enterprise Bundle

when your requirements are not so "out of the box"...


  • ezApp Productivity Bundle • 4X ezLicenses (40 ezLicenses)

  • Contact us for pricing

*ezApp requires the current iOS or Android operating system. The device requires a camera with appropriate resolution for the intended barcode size and ability to run the app. The 5-Feature Productivity Pack requires EasyVista Service Manager and EasyVista Service Apps updated to the current version.

What is a microApp?

...and why do I need it?

A microApp is a highly targeted web portal designed to minimize steps required for common processes such as updating assets in the field, destocking consumables and processing actions/tasks assigned to technicians.


It is indispensable for on-call and field personnel. microApps can be accessed through ezApp to leverage accurate barcode scanning.

What is an ezLicense?

...and how can I get one?

Each ezApp user requires a license (ezLicense) to activate ezApp and use it with your EasyVista microApps. For example if Jennifer wants to use ezApp to update assets and destock consumables she will use one ezLicense. The total number of ezApp users determines the number of ezLicenses required.

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