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Contextual Apps

Leverage Service Apps in Service Engine

Enhance the functionality of Service Manager with quick and efficient contextual apps.

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Print Me - Print This Ticket

Need to print a ticket from within EasyVista Service Engine? Print Me provides the easiest experience and fastest method to get that ticket on paper.

Action View

View all the important action activity for a ticket in one consolidated flyout window.

Group Find

Group Find displays all the groups a user belongs to.

MI & CR - Major Incidents and Changes

Get a quick look at all the open Major Incidents and ongoing Change Requests without leaving the current ticket.

Recipient Info

See important data related to the ticket's recipient without leaving the ticket.

Asset Updater

Our signature Asset Updater app can also be accessed from within tickets and other forms in Service Engine. Makes quick work of updating assets in real time without the need to leave the current ticket or record. See our Asset Updater page for more details.

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