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Product Spotlight


Comm100 Livechat

Next Level Live Chat Designed For Your Service Desk

Comm100’s digital engagement platform powers genuine interaction anytime and anywhere your customers want. With Comm100, take command of conversations via live chat and messaging with SMS or WhatsApp, connecting customers with service desk agents, virtual assistants, or a finely tuned combination of both, more efficiently than ever before. Reduce service desk resolution times by enabling real-time conversations for trouble-shooting, smart routing and virtual assistant.

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Video Call

Virtual Agents for the Win

Make it easy for employees and customers to get what they need, when they need it, with an enterprise conversational experience powered by natural language processing. Deflect tickets, reduce call volumes, and automate common requests to deliver great self-service experiences. From advanced, deeply integrated chatbots to smart and subtle agent-facing tools that speed resolution and automate tedious workflows, Comm100 offers AI chatbots that get you there today.

Virtual Meeting

Simplify Service Desk Management

Assign chats to the right person at the right time, every time. Automate routing with rules based on IP address, account data, or custom variables such as customer information. Create branching rules to fit complex team structures and customer scenarios. Use robust conversation management including real-time supervision, takeover, private messaging, and transcript review. Improve your team’s performance through better transparency and support.

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Integrated with EasyVista by FMX Solutions

View, create and edit tickets within EasyVista direct from live chat. Capture entire ticket and conversation history to use context to quickly address any escalation needs and resolve user issues faster. Append existing and new tickets with live chat and virtual assistant interactions for full context. Embed Comm100 within EasyVista for simplified agent experience.

Comm100 offers an enterprise-grade, AI-powered digital experience platform that helps deliver a higher standard of care and support across your service desk. The platform is easy to set up, a breeze to learn and use, and offers quick time to value and adoption. Our enterprise-grade security and scalability will keep you equipped to handle whatever tomorrow brings.

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