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Product Spotlight


Building One

Dynamic Infrastructure Management

With the help of Building One asset management software, company leaders will anticipate change, make informed decisions, comply with current laws and regulations, reduce costs, as well as keep track of and measure the cost effectiveness of their operations.

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Infrastructure management has never been easier or more robust.

Building One manages all aspects of facilities, cable, and fiber management, enabling managers to have access to consistent and current information. Through its global approach, Building One is far more efficient than systems relying on separate objects for graphical and alphanumeric data storage.

Infrastructure Management mirrors the management of real-life physical objects. Data input is optimized by eliminating redundancy. Access to information throughout the entire database is quick and direct. Functional additions to the software platform are cost-effective and easily integrated.


A Modular Approach

Building One software is designed to function in modules. Beginning with an entry point module (either Building One in a facility management context, or Cable  One in a cabling and network management context), additional modules may be purchased gradually, as needed, without changing or restructuring the installed system in any way.

Inside and outside plant management


The Object-Oriented GIS database is a new-generation technology. It allows for an integrated software platform that manages all aspects of a facility or a geographical area. The database contains reference data (geographical, relational, and textual) for all the client’s sites. Consistency between graphical and alphanumeric data is implicitly maintained, without any interface or linking processes. Keeping data up to date—the key to ensuring the success of any management platform—is a simple, natural, and easy-to-understand process.


The fundamentals of EasyVista

With Building One, your organization is empowered to:

  • Manage inside and outside plant infrastructure (space, cabling, and fiber)

  • Track asset inventory, moves, adds, and manage changes

  • Manage space and allocation

  • Manage all types of fiber, cables, and termination devices

  • Create and manage work tickets

  • Create audit trails and utilize flexible reporting capabilities

  • Manage moves with automatic equipment disconnection, moving, or reconnection

  • Create an open-ended catalog for new and existing equipment

  • Import and export data (DXF & ASCII)

  • Engage with an intuitive user interface

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